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Monday, 26 December 2011

You leave me alone

My fiancee gave a challenge to me to live a day without him.
No communications at all and said if I passed it,
he'll love me forever.

I'm agreed. I'm did not text or call him the whole day.
Without knowing that my fiancee has only 24 hours to
live because he's suffering from cancer.
I'm excitedly went to my fiancee's house the next day.

Tears fall as I saw him lying on the coffin with a not on the side:

"You did it baby, can you do it everyday? I love you"


  1. ouch. its hurting but i love u dear...

  2. i hope i didnt have to face this kind of situation...

  3. Sad story,sad moments in life is to live without comunicating with the one we love knowing they're just phone call away what more if he could not be around forever!ohhh


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