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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Kids need love

A man comes home from work and sits on the couch watching TV.
His little boy comes up to hima and asks, " Daddy, may I ask how much you make in a hour?"
The father got angry. Why was his little boy asking him this?
"Um, $100 why son?" The father replied.
The little boy sighed his head. "Oh. Daddy can I borrow $50?"
The father got angry and sent his little boy to his room. The little boy probably wanted it to buy some toy. Later on in the night when the father cooled off he went to his sons room to give him the money, because the little boy never asked for it much.
"Son you awake?" The father said.
The little boy nodded his head and the father pulled out his wallet and got out a $50 bill. "Here son." The little boy took the $50 and looked under his pillow and pulled out more money. The father got so angry, why was his son asking for money when he already had some ??!!! before he could say anything the boy said, " Daddy I now have $100 can a buy an hour of your time? Please daddy, can you come home early for dinner?" The father hugged his child in regret.


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