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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Ghost Sad Story

A psychic talking to a ghost..

PSYCHIC   : Why did you die?
GHOST      :  I was hit by a car trying to save someone.
PSYCHIC   : Why?
GHOST      :  Because i don't want her to get hurt.
PSYCHIC   : You really love her a lot cause you've sacrificed your 
                  own life just for her. 
                  Maybe she's sad now,because of your death.
GHOST      : No. she's very happy cause the one that I saved is 
                 the man that she love.. :'(


  1. i tot he's save the girl. apparently the boy. :'D

  2. True Love hurts, unfortunately very sad, then u get screwed

  3. yes.... frst he said he died coz he tried to save 'her' n later the ghost is saying tht the one who saved is he... ????? how come.. anyways good try

  4. He said he didn't want her to get hurt. He was trying to save the one she loves so she wouldn't be hurt by losing him....

  5. he tried to do everything just to make sure the girl she love is happy..
    what a true love..:-(


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