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Friday, 25 January 2013

Little space is all it needs

When you feel someone close to you slipping away, 
at some point you have to let go...
You have to step aside so they can make their own decisions. 
If you need to pick up the pieces afterwards, be there to pick them up. 
But if everything turns out okay, be happy and accept it. 
Sometimes the hardest thing is knowing how to let a friendship drift, 
when a little space is all it needs

Just because..

Just because i don't scream my feelings, 
Doesn't mean i have none. 

Just because i seem indestructible, 
Doesn't mean I'm not weak. 

Just because i don't cry in front of you, 
Doesn't mean I'm heartless. 

Just because you think you know me, 
Doesn't mean you actually do.
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