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Saturday, 25 February 2012


It’s amazing how at one point in our lives we will be extremely close with someone and then later they will become a complete stranger. 
You will pass by them without a word. 
Without a single acknowledging look. 
This person, who once knew you so well, 
who once knew your fears, your desires, your dreams, your past, 
is now walking right past you, seeing right through you


  1. Been thinking of this long time ago. Somehow I give answered to myself that we are not meant to be. But to tell u the truth, I do missed some moment. But now... I'm awake. No use to keep on thinking coz that is part of life momentum.

    1. u r right....if anyone truly loves you s/he will never let you go...

  2. its very true..

  3. yea true.
    We thought that we were meant to be, we planned our future, talked about our dreams,share our feelings together.
    and now, he left, and share everything with other girls...Im no longer the one who understand him the most, no longer the girl which is important for him.

    Guess i have to move on, meet up other guy, go through the same thing until i found my MR right...sigh~


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