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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Women are like mountains, Most men are like mountain climbers

Women are like mountains, they are strong and stable and support many things, withstand a lot of pressure, and have so many secrets and unknown features and all are beautiful in their own way

Most men are like mountain climbers, they see a glorious and beautiful mountain, and they decide they are going to get to the top of it. so after spending money on clothing and other equipment to help them get to aid them in their ascent, they achieve their goal of getting on top, but they are only there for a little while and some even take photos or videos of themselves on top of the mountain, then they leave move on to the next mountain, spreading their tale of conquering the mountain and bragging about it to their friends.

But the few good men in the world are mountaineers, they don't see a mountain and decide to just get to the top and leave no, they move all around the mountain and find all the mounains secrets and have a life of peace, joy, and security. yes the mountaineer may go to the top every now and then, and he brags by saying he lives with the mountain, but he stays with the mountain for the rest of his life.


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